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Hilary Ogom Nwadei is a Priest at Issele Uku

Hilary Ogom Nwadei's Bio:

Hilary Ogom Nwadei is a Priest at Issele Uku Diocese of Catholic Mission Delta State. He barged his Phd degree in Public Law. Hilary Nwadei has contributed to the development of sport in the community by donation training kits and gift Items to Umuodafe football team. Hilary Ogom Nwadei has attended many conferences locally and internationally.

Hilary Ogom Nwadei's Experience:

  • Priest at Diocese


  • Priest at Diocese of Delta


Hilary Ogom Nwadei's Education:

  • SS Peters and Paul Ibadan

    Concentration: Philosohpy
    Activities: Pastoral and Missionary

Hilary Ogom Nwadei's Interests & Activities:

A Missionary Public Lawyer Conflict Resolution Experts Advocate of Fight Against Depression Initiative Community Service Volunteer Sports Promoter Teacher Motivational Speaker

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